Sunday, 8 September 2013

Tony to stop boats within 100 days, timetable claims

So here is the Abbott timetable. Print it out and wait. Tick off items as they are or are not completed. He is promising to do some things about boats within 100 days. Here they are:

   * Expand Nauru refugee processing centre to 2000 places
 WITHIN 100 DAYS (Sept 8 - Dec 16)
    * Establish Operation Sovereign Borders task-force led by three-star military commander
   * Finalise and issue protocols for Operation Relex II, [what a dud name! Sounds like REFLUX!] to turn back asylum seeker boats when safe
   * Start leasing and deploying extra boats to help customs and naval vessels
   * Immigration minister to visit Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nauru and PNG
   * Reintroduce temporary protection visas for refugees already in Australia

Will this stop the boats?
So will the boats be stopped by Christmas? Don't hold your breath. Nowhere in this document are the words STOPPED THE BOATS. But nowhere in this document are there any plans relating to immigration after the first 100 days. So the assumption is the boats will be stopped by then. Let's just keep asking the question and wait. Time will tell.

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